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Meet Scarlett Gray, Founder of glow&dry
2 years ago
Q. Could you tell us a little about yourself, and why you got into the beauty industry?

Well, I am not a hair or a makeup artist so I’ll start there, I am useless at doing my own hair and makeup as I have always been too busy looking after other people that I always come last, and never have any time. However, I always needed to look good when client hosting, at my roles as Elite Lifestyle Manager at Quintessentially and Events Manager at The Hurlingham Club. I think I fell into the beauty industry, I have always been a creative person, and very visual and beauty feeds this aspect of me. That although I can’t physically do the application I can look at someone and I know exactly how I think they should look. I am a service-based person, so I always think about how I’d like to be treated and that’s how I treat our clients. I just get such a buzz when I see the excitement on my clients’ faces when they see how good they look, and to think I facilitated that happiness and confidence in other women and men - makes all the hard work worth it for me.

Q. What gave you the idea to create glow&dry and why?

The idea followed me around and came to me at my first job at Quintessentially, we used to have so many requests for Hair & Makeup artists to go to the client’s house, I feel so old when I say this now but there was no Instagram really, so we used Google which wasn’t ideal, because well, who had vetted these stylists? So I said, someone, should really set up a beauty concierge, where we could call them and they had vetted stylists and businesses that we could send members with the guarantee that they were in the best hands.

I then went to the Hurlingham Club, and all my Brides would ask me if I could recommend hair, makeup & beauty experts as part of my wedding planning and so over time, I started to put together my own supplier list of recommended stylists across London.
I then worked in PR in Formula 1 and at the Monaco F1 - again I had so many ladies saying I wish I could get my hair & makeup done throughout the weekend and did I know of anyone. And this is was when the global concierge dream came to life.

So, I came home, left my job, and determined to give it a go - within 3 weeks I had designed my own logo (the same that it is today), started to build a team, and was named by Tatler Magazine “Our Fairy Godmother of Styling on Speed Dial” I then featured in Forbes as the Quintessentially of Beauty - and I haven’t stopped since.

Q. What is your proudest career moment?

This is tough, as there have been many moments I have stood back and thought my god I actually did this… it would have to be the Royal Ascot 2019 seeing glow&dry on the big screen to over 50,000 people, Annabel’s Halloween Game Of Thrones styling over 1000pax at such a level and of course my recent feature in Hello Magazine.
Q. glow&dry has been featured in several high-end magazines and publications, what an accomplishment - could you tell us a little more about this?

All I have to say if you do a job differently and offer an excellent service people will write about you in return. I have never paid for an article, purely based on this reason. Being featured in Forbes the Editor was a client and in return, she wrote about how great the service was. Tatler was the same the Editor was a client and called me “SOS I need a stylist for the Baftas” (that same evening, within 30mins I had hair and makeup to her door). Vogue was a complete shock to be featured as their “Stylist squad on speed dial” I didn’t even know! A friend called me and said omg have you seen Vogue! And Hello was the biggest honour! This was to share my story and inspire other entrepreneurs! I think for me this was one of my proudest moments, as people don’t realise (I still cry when I read the article) that within 2 years I really did this all on my own, I used my own money, for a long time it was only me doing everything. And I have vetted every stylist, overseen every booking, and attended every event - I am on the ground and there at 6am call times right by my team’s side. Setting up a beauty concierge hasn’t been as glamourous as everyone thinks, it’s been a lot of long days, hard work, tears and thankfully I have my team to hide the bags lol.

Q. Covid has been detrimental to all industries but particularly weddings and events, how has glow&dry coped and adapted?

It’s been very hard, not only to keep the business financially going but also to keep the stylists mentally positive, ‘We will come back from this and we love what we do!’. It has been great for me in a way, as I’ve never had the chance to take a step back since setting up the business to think about what I really want the end goal to be? And now as a result I have a new mission towards keeping everyone glowing!
Every industry has a support booking platform, Hotels have, hospitality has Deliveroo, the property market has Rightmove, however, the UK Beauty industry is missing a vetted platform to source the perfect stylist wherever you are, and whenever you need one.

Q. What are the next steps for glow&dry?

I am very excited to announce, that we are setting out on our mission to establish the platform as “The of beauty” for both stylists & beauty businesses across the UK. We are currently crowdfunding as now more than ever coming out of Covid-19 the beauty industry needs this. And If anyone would like to know further regarding this they can contact us, as the beauty of crowdfunding is anyone can invest from £100 - £100,000 for example - we want our clients to be our shareholder community.
Q. If you could pick one bridal trend/look that you think will be trending in 2021, what would it be?

Well, I am very much a ‘natural beauty’ fan, I aim for my stylist not to change you, but to make you the best version of you. However after Covid-19 and none of us being able to glam up I think we will see a lot more bold lips towards pinks this year and more natural down hair. I would say have fun to all the brides, have a trial, have some fun with your hair & makeup team prior you never know what might just bring out the best in you on your big day.
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