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Revel In The Recovery Day Two
2 months ago
We ended January with a bang! The Bridelux Symposium, Revel In The Recovery - with almost 2000 attendees and over 50 global experts was everything we hoped for and more.

With a lineup of over 50 global experts covering a range of topics from doubling down your weddings to the powers of flowers in recovery, it was an unforgettable two days. We came together to motivate, inspire and guide you into rebooting your business and to give you the tools you need to recover from the trauma 2020 and COVID19 brought to the wedding, events, and hospitality industries.

Hosted by the talented and charismatic Andy Kushner from The Wedding Biz Podcast

The second day of the Symposium consisted of the following sessions, which can all been watched on catchup on the link below:

Day Two: catchup

Recovering In Numbers

Joined by James Lord, CEO of Bridelux was Sarah Haywood, Founder, and CEO of Sarah Haywood Weddings. Sarah Haywood is one of the world’s leading party planners and event designers; sought by luminaries, public figures, and international royalty. The two discuss the importance of coming together and what it will take to recover as an industry.
“Sarah thank you very much for sharing all your knowledge in the wedding, events, and hospitality industry but also your expertise as a woman entrepreneur. A delight to listen to you.” - Lupita Ayala. “Thank you, Sarah & James, so useful to learn the different views on how to survive and collaborate.” - Yevnig Davis. “Thanks, Sarah - very interesting - best of luck to all!” - Samar Shawareb, “Amazing advice Sarah, thank you so much xx” - Katrina Doyle.
Optimising Venue Marketing & PR in 2021

Joined by moderator Lisa Smith, Co-Founder of The PR Net was Lia Batkin, Co-Founder of In The Know Experiences & Founder of VacationStyle, Nestor E. Lara Baeza, Partner at Xhibition PR, Adél Grobler, Vice President of TURNER and Terri McCollin, Executive Director of Public Relations of Preferred Hospitality Group, Inc. The panel came together to discuss optimizing venue marketing and PR in 2021 and beyond. The importance of social media and an extensive marketing strategy. “Such a good day today - loving the's coming back!” - Venetia Norrington, “That was fab, very informative” - Martina Paul, “Fascinating panel! Thank you all for the insight.” - Christiana Vasilas. “Thank you everyone, it's been really interesting.” - Wendy Sherwood.
How, When & Where - Your Marketing Spend?

Joined by moderator Jenni Holman, Director of PR Communications at Mason Rose were Kenza Idrissi Khamlichi, Groups and Event Manager at Royal Mansour, Silvio Vettorello, General Manager at Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Kym Jenkins, Director of Sales at Mason Rose and Melanie Helen, Founder, and Director of Cranberry Blue who tackled techniques on how to better your marketing spend and strategies. “I have really enjoyed this session so far” - Denise Reashni Naldini, “Amazing program so far thank you for putting this together.” - Christiana Vasilas.
In For The Long Haul? Destination vs Domestic

Joined by moderator Myrdith Leon-McCormack, Owner of World Bride Magazine was Nicola Price, Account Director, Celebrations & Lifestyle - Belmond, Mwai Yeboah, Founder of Love From Mwai, and Kimberley Greenslade, Senior Manager of Bahamas Tourist Office. The ladies discussed the future of destination weddings vs domestic weddings and how to keep going as event specialists. “Mwai you are an incredible woman, yes we need to learn about the destinations to showcase what is best for the country and for our clients.” - Lupita Ayala. “Such a wonderful job to promote our beautiful destination and a huge support to us as hotels!” - Ana Cerna. “Thank you Myrdith for your enthusiasm and positive energy” - Lupita Ayala, “A most enjoyable session. Thank you, ladies.xx” - Shirley Levy.
Starting A New Venture In The Pandemic?

Jennifer Johnson, Owner of Jenn Events, Virgin Islands and Epic Presentations St. Barths, and JoAnn Gregoli, Owner of Elegant Occasions by JoAnn Gregoli came together to discuss starting a new venture during and after a pandemic, how to stay positive and innovative in these trying times. “Amazing JoAnn and could not agree more about also finding ways to give back” - Elodie Duyker. “Stronger together we must support each other” - Bob Conti, “I love the positivity” - Amelia Thompson. “Yess to creating new content and staying relevant” - Haydee Duarte, “Ladies you are so inspiring.” - Wendy Sherwood. “Amazing LADIES! Thank you soooo much for your positive input” - Maru Anderson. “Thank you, ladies... very positive!” - Louise Richardson.
The Powers Of Flowers In The Recovery

Joined by moderator Christina Matteucci, Executive Director at David Beahm Experiences was David Beahm, Owner of David Beahm Experiences, Marc Wilson, Owner and Creative Director of The Style Marc, Timo Bolte, Founder of Timo Bolte Event Design and Richard Eagleton, CEO of McQueens Flowers. The talented team of world-class designers came together to chat about the powers of flowers, it was an unforgettable session and a must-watch. “Love that sentiment Christina!” - Ryan Atlas, “Fabulous panel....great to see you all!” - Rachel Dalton. “Smaller doesn't mean less glamorous or chic” - Bob Conti, “Love these responses. such a great panel” - Julie Lindenman. “This panel is giving me exactly what I needed on Thursday evening.” - Francesca Bayford, “love loved this panel! Bravo to all!” - Marina Luri-Clark. “Thank you for a wonderful session, it is so refreshing to hear your perspectives.” - Denise Reashni Naldini.
Overall it was a great success - and if you’re worried you missed out? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Be sure to watch it on catchup for all the tips and tricks you need to reboot and recover. Learn more about Day One here.
Thank you so much for including me in Bridelux. It was a huge success and I enjoyed every bit of it. You should be very proud. Johnny Roxburgh
Very well done again to the whole Bridelux team for the organisation of the Atelier show. It has been an immense pleasure to work with you. Ladurée
The ultimate wedding emporium. Mayfair Life
What an absolutely fantastic event and it has been a very successful initiative for our brand, thank you again for letting us be part of it. Giuseppe Zanotti Design
You have been awesome to work with and handled the whole event really well. Thank you very much for all your help, the show was great and we loved our space. We hope to see you again in the future. MonAnnie Cakes
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