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Where's hot (or not) for 2020 weddings?
Alison Hargreaves, Guides For Brides | 8 months ago
Even with Brexit looming, Europe remains the top choice for destination weddings, with luxury wedding venues in France, Portugal, Greece, and Italy appearing on many couples’ wish list.

Why Europe?
- Familiarity is important; we’re just more likely to choose a country we’ve visited before.
- Easy, economical travel options for guests is an important factor.
- Couples prefer countries where it will be hot and sunny on their wedding day. They prefer a similar weather pattern - but not temperature - to that in the UK.
- They know how things work. There is a similar trust level and work ethic to the UK; you know that your venue will actually exist and your suppliers will turn up!
- Social proof. Everyone knows someone that got married in France, Portugal, Greece or Italy; they loved it, so you will too.

Up and Coming
If you’re the more adventurous type, however, why not broaden your search and explore some of the less obvious but equally magical alternatives.

Montenegro’s coastline is hard to beat for being picture-perfect, Cyprus’s Turkish-speaking north side has some stunning venues at ridiculously low prices and Morocco is a superb year round destination with great levels of hospitality.
Abu Dhabi is managing to lure couples away from the bright lights of Dubai, with brand new beach hotels and the gorgeous Nurai Island. UAE residents have very “traditional” values so LGBT couples would be well advised to plan their wedding where they’ll be made to feel more welcome.

And for the devout Sun worshipers?
If you’ve read this far and are simply thinking “This is all great, but hot sun and blue skies is all I care about.” It's the Caribbean for you. With year-round sunshine and endless coastlines worthy of worship, the Caribbean is consistently the No1 choice for beach weddings. And it’s easy to see why. From The Bahamas in the north to Granada in the south there is something for everyone. Be prepared to go with the laid-back vibe and trust the locals; you are guaranteed a great wedding. It might not always be exactly where, when or how you imagined it… but therein lies the magic.
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