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Hakan Martensson Chocolate
New York | USA
Hakan Martensson, one of the hardest working and gifted Chocolatier tantalizes with his creativity and ability to use out of the ordinary ingredients that will excite any imagination.

At the age of 15, Hakan enrolled in the Culinary Institute in Kristianstad, Sweden. After quickly discovering his obsession with pastry and chocolate his future was sealed, he graduated as a pastry chef three years later. His first job was at the Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) department store in Stockholm, renowned for the extremely high quality of its baked goods.

In 2005, at the age of 22, Hakan was recruited to be a sculptor on the Swedish National Culinary Team. Despite competing against chefs with decades more experience Hakan brought home gold medals from the World Cup in Luxembourg and from the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, establishing himself as a seriously talented chocolatier and sculptor.

In 2008 Hakan was ready to leave the comfort of his home turf and take on the world. New York City beckoned where he joined FIKA NYC as Master Chocolatier. Over the next eleven years, he continued to develop his skills and made his mark. Recognized by chocolate connoisseurs the world over Hakan has created his own atelier: Hakan - Chocolatier.

Hakan - Chocolatier makes limited quantity batches of bonbons with shells that are always thin and perfectly tempered with a great snap and a beautiful melt. Offering hard to find, and uniquely sourced ingredients such as seeds of the lotus, lingonberries or Hawthorn. A noticeable Nordic flavour profile with global influences that are complex, yet balanced: salt vs sweet, bitter vs sour, rough vs elegant.

Weddings are a favourite of Hakan, customizing bonbons to the tastes and personalities of couples is a unique talent he has.
Sculptures! Yes, Hakan is able to create magnificent creatures and things of beauty for special occasions. A veritable Michelangelo of chocolate!

Website: Hakan Martensson
Instagram: @hakanmartensson
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