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Exciting Fireworks
Stroud Green | London
Add a touch of the spectacular to any event with fireworks, indoor fireworks, billowing clouds of dry ice and coloured smoke, that will leave your guests entertained, charmed and entranced.
Dramatic special effects and mesmerising professional firework displays that will make your wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, corporate event, festival or party, sparkle and fizz with magical wonder.

Indoor Fireworks
Kick start your event by adding a flash of life thanks to our sparkle fountains, which will amaze your guests helping you achieve the impact of a memorable experience for them.
Our indoor fireworks blast harmless sparks into the air like a miniature geyser erupting in light, cascading down on stages and dance floors to mark the start of something special.
Better still, go for an avenue of fountain fireworks for guests of honour, the bride and groom, the birthday boy or girl or your award winners to walk down so everyone there will be in no doubt about who they should be focused on.

Low Fog/ Dry Ice
The first dance on cloud nine, the prelude to a grand entrance or something to get the party started. Our smoke machines – used at weddings and corporate events, on film sets and in theatre productions – create an amazing atmosphere that totally transforms your venue in seconds.
Give our operatives the signal and we’ll cover everything up to your knees in thick, candy floss-white billowing fog. The perfect special effect for a romantic moment to remember, a ghostly party scene or a musical extravaganza.
Tell the photographer to be ready for something special so they can capture the breathtaking scene for you for all time.

We’ve been dreaming up the most dazzling of displays to entertain and amaze audiences for more than two decades and with access to hundreds of fireworks through our specialist retail outlet in Finsbury Park you can be assured that your guests will go home starry-eyed and enthralled. And, if you’re looking for the perfect send-off or finale, why not try our sparkler exit, like a traditional sabre arch but with a modern twist – super-sized sparklers held aloft for the guests of honour to pass through.

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Instagram: @excitingfireworks
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