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Some psychologists and anthropologists insist that flowers produce immediate and long-term effects on human emotions. Historically, flowers have been admired and used decoratively, adding their scents and beauty to our lives and, while each flower is unique, what they express is universal.

Nature’s infinite palette of garden blooms and the magical signature of a blossom inspired Ryan Wicks, former Head Chef, to turn his creative flair from food to flowers.

Not all florists are chefs and not all chefs are florists; yet, the creativity of both can be melded into one soul. After all there’s no separation between décor and food- both convey unforgettable and true hospitality experiences.

Ryan’s hands-on approach lead him to give substance to his dream and to start a business which took a name that encompasses the very essence of his passion: LoveFlowers.

What Ryan started in his garage in Rickmansworth back in 2007 has blossomed into a fully fledged and successful business. After five years of building the shop and opening a workshop, he then moved onto the world of corporate reception displays. Thanks to his expertise, eye for detail, innovative slant and creative knack, he’s been able to pitch and land major events against some of Londons top florists.

From the initial three staff members, LoveFlowers can count today on 15 knowledgeable and talented people, ranging from stylists to drivers, all sharing the same love for floral art. They work around the clock to develop fine and unforgettable floral arrangements that stand out as incredible sensorial experiences: from beautiful bouquets combining flowers, foliage and berries to breath-taking and bespoke wedding arrangements and tasteful funeral pieces.

Always exploring new trends and developing imaginative styles, Ryan and the team use seasonal varieties and select premium growers from around the world, although the primary source comes from Dutch markets, with regular trips to Amsterdam.

With an outstanding portfolio of happy clients and fruitful partnerships, today LoveFlowers is a vibrant business where a close-knit team has translated a passion into a story of repeated successes. LoveFlowers’ future plan focuses on further enhancing the business throughout Hertfordshire and London by bringing the shop and the workshop under one roof.
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Thank you so much for including me in Bridelux. It was a huge success and I enjoyed every bit of it. You should be very proud. Johnny Roxburgh
Very well done again to the whole Bridelux team for the organisation of the Atelier show. It has been an immense pleasure to work with you. Ladurée
The ultimate wedding emporium. Mayfair Life
What an absolutely fantastic event and it has been a very successful initiative for our brand, thank you again for letting us be part of it. Giuseppe Zanotti Design
You have been awesome to work with and handled the whole event really well. Thank you very much for all your help, the show was great and we loved our space. We hope to see you again in the future. MonAnnie Cakes
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