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Amanda Sherlock
Founder | National Association of Wedding Professionals
Amanda began her career in 2002 when her passion for beautifully designed weddings led her to study with the Association of Bridal Consultants to become a wedding professional. After working for Kathryn Lloyd and being mentored by Siobhan Craven-Robins, Amanda launched her own Wedding Planning business in 2007.
Since then, Amanda has been planning and designing exquisite weddings in the UK and abroad for the most discerning of clients, ranging from business professionals to celebrities and sports personalities. Amanda is one of the few UK wedding planners with extensive experience of coordinating destination weddings in some of the most romantic locations in Europe. Her knowledge of having planned such events offers Amanda's clients the peace of mind of knowing that their special day is in expert hands.
Amanda is a regularly featured wedding expert sharing her knowledge and advice, as well as offering couples tips and information about the latest wedding trends.
Amanda says ‘I was hugely inspired by the ABC and the ethos behind such an organisation. I had thought for some time that an association for our industry in the UK would be beneficial. After the recession in 2009, our industry had been hard hit by both the reduction in new business available and the advent of new suppliers coming into the industry and undercutting the well-established professionals. None of it felt right or fair and so we devised an idea for a network that would cater to the professionals in the industry and recognise their calibre. Thus, NAWP was born!
I am thrilled with how the NAWP has developed and the credence it has gained, this is due to the calibre of our members and their work. Meeting our members at our various events is a highlight for me. I had to take a bit of a step back from the day to day running due to starting a family 4 years ago, but I look forward to being more hands-on in the near future’.

Website: Amanda Sherlock

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